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School Diary: All students must bring this School Diary every day to the school. Parents are requested to check the daily assignments given to the student and guide them to do the same at home.


Punctuality: Late in time, late in life. All students must reach the school before the first bell at 8.40 a.m. to attend the School Assembly. Late comers will be permitted to enter the class only with the permission of the Principal.


Uniform: Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Every student must come to the school in proper uniform, neat and clean. Hair should be well-trimmed and combed. No student will be allowed to attend the class without proper uniform. Shoes should be pol-ished daily; slippers are not permitted in the campus. ID cards should be worn every day. Failure to wear the proper uniform leads to payment of fine.


Writing Materials: Every student should be equipped with necessary writing materials and other stationery. They are responsible for their own belongings.


Valuables: No student is encouraged to wear costly jewellery to school. If it is lost, school will not be responsible for it. Stu-dents are also not permitted to bring electronic goods, Cameras, Mobile phones Compatible Discs etc to school. If found, they will be confiscated, fine will be charged and the will not be returned.


Within the premises: No student is permitted to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission from the school office. Out pass will be issued in emergency.


School Activities: Every student must take part in the school activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal. Various activities are arranged for students. One should participate at least in one programme a year and the parent should attend at least one programme of the child also.


Donation: Private collection of donations and selling coupons among the students in the school are strictly prohibited. Students are not permitted to carry cash, more than Rs. 50/ with them in the school. Students are not permitted to borrow or lend money among themselves.


Misbehaviour: Any damage, either partial or complete, to the school building or to the property of the school is punishable, and also will be liable for fine to compensate the damages ac-cording to the discretion and decision of the Chairman.


School Fees: All students should pay the school Fee and Bus Fee for the whole academic year, i.e. 12 months without any fail. Monthly fee/ Term fee/ Hostel fee should be paid on the respective dates of payment. Failure in payment will lead to the removal of name from the Roll.


Class notes & Home works: The school follows a particular system of teaching through internet. The teaching notes on all lessons, their exercises, questions with hints and other necessary related notes will be uploaded in the school website timely to reach the hands of students. Students can download them for the purpose of the completion of their requirements.


Lunch & Table manners: Students should bring lunch towel (1 Ft. size), spoon and water bottle with their meals. Break-fast and lunch are available to the students in the school canteen against payment. Either parents can pay the cost of lunch for the whole month or students can get the lunch coupon from the school office daily.


Picnic: Educational trips for one day will be arranged from the school and all students should participate compulsorily.


Transport: It is compulsory for the students to use the school bus as their conveyance. Students should get special written permission from the office to use any other public transport or private vehicles to reach their wards. Bus fee should be paid for the whole academic year.


Prayer Hall: School keeps a common prayer hall for the students to spend their free time in silent prayer irrespective of any religion.



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