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 Vision:1] Dr Raju Davis International School aims at providing international standard of education.
2] We plan for continuous and comprehensive evaluation to improve the quality of service we   provide.
3] We intend to upgrade according to changing & evolving methods as per the global trends & standards.
4] We aspire to become the leaders in the educational field across the country.


Mission:1] We will deliver professional standards to an international level.
2] We will function as a team within the framework of ethical parameters while being empathetic and innovative.
3] We are committed to excellence in service and continuous imposing of quality.
4] We will provide required assistance to the students with learning disability.


Quality Policy:  

1] We aim to achieve measurable excellence in holistic education with the identifiable ethical parameters.
2] We will implement professionalism in functioning and will strictly adhere to the best international standards in quality.

3] Quality will be maintained & improved by continuous monitoring and evaluation.
4] Continuous quality training will be imparted to its faculty and non-faculty.
5] It will take incessant effort to upgrade the technology to international standards to adhere the academic excellence.



of Quality Policy

1] Rigorous training is given to all faculty members every year.
2] Training is imparted to upgrade the quality of teaching as well as overall development and managerial skills by engaging resource people from world class corporate trainers from around the world.

3] Continuous and constant monitoring system is implemented in a world class professional way.