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     A foresight into the tremendous metamorphosis that would grip global educational scenario in the coming years, the insight gained by visiting world class educational institutions across 25 countries and 15 years of practical experience has prompted this visionary and missionary. Dr. Raju Davis Perepadan [who has dedicated his life to educational field and has received number of awards in the field of education viz. *Vivekananda National Award for Excellency in Academics for innovations introduced in curriculum, *Gandhi Award for Education, *Nehru Puraskar for innovative ideas in Educational field and number of others to pen down. To add more feathers to his cap he is a man behind establishing and taking them on the PINNACLES OF SUCCESS for two Engineering colleges, an MBA college and 2 CBSE schools] - to take a significant step towards establishing an educational institution that would take into consideration all the limitations and shortcomings encountered in the process of systematic learning - an initiative he has been brooding over for the past two years, yet waiting to be implemented at the right time. So !!!! Settle in your HEARTS and MINDS and witness a MIRACULOUS MAGIC happen to the future of YOUR CHILD.

                                           A six storied school building in a five and a half acre campus and 1 lac sq.ft. space area with state of the art furniture and other facilities. Special K.G. Skill lab to render basic knowledge of Math, Science, Environment, General Knowledge & General Awareness. *] Books not sent home in K.G. *] Learning completed in school itself in L.P. *] Training for self study in U.P. *] Systematic training for answering the board exam in 1, 3 & 5 mark pattern *] Online notes for all the subjects & for all the classes provided on our website.