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      Dr Raju Davis International School intends to provide excellent residential facilities. Students will be provided with A/c or Non A/c dormitories to accommodate 25-30 students each. Wakeup time is 5.30 am and 30 mts fitness exercise / yoga is compulsory for all.There will be separate dormitories for separate groups/classes as the strength increases. They will be provided with a separate dressing room with individual cupboards. Study room will be separate. Excellent Veg. /Non veg. food will be supplied.

Tutors and warden will take care of the academics of the inmates.


       School Clinic will be functioning   from 9 A M ¬ 5 P M on all working days. Doctor will be available in the clinic in the above timings. Basic facilities to provide I.V, Oxygen etc are provided in the clinic. Ambulance is also attached to the clinic. In emergencies during night, the patient will be given medical aid at the nearby clinic.  



               Accommodation  25000/ year- (Rent)

  Food, laundry, electricity, water, salary etc 5000 for school section and 5500

   MENU: -




Corn flakes & Milk, Egg - Seasonal fruits

in addition to  above - Iddly / Masala Dosa / Puttu /Appam / Uppumavu etc.....

Lunch (Sunday)


 (Other Days)


Chicken Biriyani & Pudding, Soup

Rice, Sambar, Thoran,  Avial & Payasam

Rice, Fish / Chicken, Thoran, Pickle & Moru curry/  Sambar/ Parippu curry

Evening Tea & Snacks  Uzhunnu Vada / Dal Vada / Roll / Ada / Kinnathappam, Pazhampori / Kesari etc..... 









Rice, Dal curry, Gopi manjuri fry

Fried rice & Chicken

Chappathi & Chicken Curry

Noodiles & Chilly Chicken 

Ghee rice / Soya Fry

Chappathi & Veg. Curry

Chappathi & Meat Curry   

          (Alu Porotha is served for outstation students for Breakfast and Chappathi for Lunch)

            ·        We use non-hormone Chicken only.

      ·        All vegetables are cleaned in turmeric & salt water to clear all poisonous particles

      ·        We don't  use citric acid instead we use apple vinegar.

·             We use quality products only

            Hostel Fees.


           Residential boarding fee -                 Rs.25000/- (Can be paid installments)

           Monthly fees.

          Food                                                    Rs.4000/-

          Electricity, water e t c                         Rs. 300/-
          Laundry                                              Rs. 250/-

         Towards salary of staff                        Rs.950/-

        (Warden, Tutor, cleaner    e t c)

         TOTAL                                               Rs.5500/-

         Hostel facility is available from Class III onwards.